Pre-Art Competition Award

My piece “Ada” has been awarded honorary mention in Pre-Art composition competition. This is the first real competition I have ever applied and won something. Nice start I guess. It won’t be performed… Continue reading

Neue Bürcher Zeitung Interview and Article

In March, I was interviewed for an article by Veronika Hartmann who is a journalist for Swiss newspaper Neue Bürcher Zeitung. My songs are mentioned as “Can Kazaz’ songs are the soundtrack of the… Continue reading

The Sound of Resistance Workshop

I conducted a workshop about relationship between sound and politics. After speaking about Attali’s “Noise and Politics”, mentioning  Schaeffer’s “Musique Concrete” and resistance in Studio d’Essai – Paris during WWII, we all built a… Continue reading

MC Recep

During Gezi Resistance started in June 2013, I made some musical parodies under the name of MC Recep which became quite popular. Those pieces are mostly about Turkish prime minister Tayyip Erdoğan’s public speeches. Concept… Continue reading

Sonikî: 12-Tone Etude

A piece of mine for Violin, Horn and Piano which is written by applying only 12-tone technique rules. There are some mistakes in this performance but it represents the general structure of the… Continue reading

We Resist!

After dealing with tear gas and police violence around Taksim-İstanbul, I came back to my neigborhood and experienced this scene. People are hitting pans, making sound in everyway that they can to protest.… Continue reading