Attended a Panel Discussion: Feyz

I’ve attended a panel discussion at Eskişehir-Peyote organized by Anadolu University Design Club on 4th of May, 2014. In this perfectly/professionally organized event “Feyz” (means abundance), I have spoken about the relationship between… Continue reading

Pre-Art Competition Award

My piece “Ada” has been awarded honorary mention in Pre-Art composition competition. This is the first real competition I have ever applied and won something. Nice start I guess. It won’t be performed… Continue reading

Neue Bürcher Zeitung Interview and Article

In March, I was interviewed for an article by Veronika Hartmann who is a journalist for Swiss newspaper Neue Bürcher Zeitung. My songs are mentioned as “Can Kazaz’ songs are the soundtrack of the… Continue reading

The Sound of Resistance Workshop

I conducted a workshop about relationship between sound and politics. After speaking about Attali’s “Noise and Politics”, mentioning  Schaeffer’s “Musique Concrete” and resistance in Studio d’Essai – Paris during WWII, we all built a… Continue reading

MC Recep

During Gezi Resistance started in June 2013, I made some musical parodies under the name of MC Recep which became quite popular. Those pieces are mostly about Turkish prime minister Tayyip Erdoğan’s public speeches. Concept… Continue reading

Sonikî: 12-Tone Etude

A piece of mine for Violin, Horn and Piano which is written by applying only 12-tone technique rules. There are some mistakes in this performance but it represents the general structure of the… Continue reading