A rap album and a play’s soundtracks

Currently I’m working on a Turkish rapper U.L.a.Ş‘s album and a play’s soundtracks.

The first legal album of U.L.a.Ş will be produced by me and Oğuzhan Hazar Artış. It will include tastes from different genres of music like jazz, rock, Turkish folk, electronic and even experimental music. Most of the album’s compositions are ready and nowadays we’re working on recording. After that the mixing and mastering session will start and of course, the scores will be edited and completed.

On the other hand, I and Artış are composing musics for an upcoming play which is called “1923”. It will be a politic critism about current/past issues of Turkey those occur since the foundation of Rebuplic of Turkey (1923). It will be played in every region of Turkey.