Dr. Richard Boulanger was at Bilgi University

      During last three days Richard Boulanger was at Bilgi University. He gave lectures about his performing devices, his compositional approach and Csound. By attending his lectures and a performance at Nublu, I’ve learned and realized a lot of things about how to transform simple ideas  into very useful designs. Also, I think it’s a great chance to beginning Csound by learning it from its guru. I and my friends are lucky to have that oppurtunity. Everybody was impressed by his energetic and amusing seminars. I really appreciate that he has a great passion to share his experiences, ideas and works with us. Having him with us was a very nice experience .

  On the other hand, Andreas Wittich was there with Dr. Boulanger. He showed us that his new performing device that uses colored light balls as alternate controllers. This cool device’s world premiere was at Nublu on Wednesday. I should also say that I appreciate the musical therapy studies that Berklee students have been working on. Boulanger showed some videos of handicapped children were using and having fun with the devices those are designed by his students. It was truly impressive.

P.S. : I’ve learned that Max Mathews the father of computer music died yesterday at age 84. It’s so sad to learn this news after Dr. Boulanger told us a lot of things about him and his works (especially the radio baton) respectfully in the past few days. Great thanks to M. Mathews for his outstanding contribution to music. Rest in peace.