Wiithrow (Alpha Test Version)

Wiithrow is a Wii remote instrument which is based on the idea of throwing sound masses without any gravity. I’m sharing the alpha test version of this instrument because I couldn’t find time to complete it. I will be pleased if anybody contributes with some ideas and comments. Wiithrow is designed for Windows.

Let me explain how did the interfaces are used. I used the softwares listed below:

Pure Data Extended

GlovePie recevies the data from Wiimote and sends them as OSC messages to PureData. Through MidiYoke drivers PureData sends midi messages to Reason. Necessary wiimote parameters are assigned to the Reason Malström Granular Synthesizer parameters.


Home: Before everything, you need to press the ‘home’ button on your wiimote to activate the system. It triggers a note from the Reason, but you will hear nothing.

Trigger: Trigger of the wiimote fills the “filler” patch so you determine the volume of the sound. To hear a sound, you need to pull and hold the trigger until you reach the volume level you want. When you release trigger your sound will be created and it waits to be thrown.

A: While throwing push the ‘A’ button and when you release ‘A’ button it means you’ve released the sound from your hand. With the acceleration you throw, the sound goes away.

You may roll, move or shake the wiimote to shape the sound.

Although there was a lot of effort to make Wiithrow working, it lacks of some important features which are needed for more realistic simulation. One of them is Doppler effect. Also the fade out graphic should be exponential. It’s linear for now. I only use X axis for testing. The sum of X-Y-Z axis should be used. And then, I want to implement the stereo panning via movement on the X axis. Also this instrument needs a low pass filter to simulate absorption of high frequencies. I don’t know how to do but I want to make this instrument multi-sounded. For now, there can only be one sound at the same time. These are the very important lackings I found. Despite all of these problems, it can be used for some performances. I tried Wiithrow playing with some of my friends and it worked. It was fun but you need another instrument or a lot of Wiithrow sound preset for long performances because it gets monotonous and boring after a while.

One of the preset of Wiithrow sounds like this:  (the process you hear is:  creating sound – playing with it for a while – throwing it)

My final aim is to use Wiithrow as a spatial instrument. It would be perfect using this instrument with a special sound installation and together with some other people.

Some more details of the Wiithrow:

I used some physic formulas which are calculated by Pure Data to simulate the idea. This is the formula of sound pressure level depending on the distance:

I needed to calculate the duration of reaching sound level zero. You may see how did I apply the formulas from the screenshots below.

This is the whole patch I designed (click to see full size):

This is how I apply the distance formula by Pure Data:

This one is the duration formula:

There is also an interface that determines the level of sound: