Klasik Keyifler Festival & Agdistis

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I attended a workshop which is organized by Klasik Keyifler. On the official website of Klasik Keyifler, it says “This workshop provides a forum for young composers to refine their compositions, explore new ideas, work with performers and hear their music played by great players in amazing venues.” which is exactly true 🙂 You may find detailed information here: http://www.klasikkeyifler.org/English/2011/2011-composers-c.html

All the composers and instrumentalists were working hard by following their intense schedule. Although it was very exhausting, we were happy with our new friends and the great atmosphere of Cappadocia surrounding us. I had a chance to study with Kamran İnce, Marc Mellits and also met great musicians like Tetraktys String Quartet, Richard Faria, Mark Hills, Sacha Rattle, Amy Salsgiver and Heather Taves.  The ten days I have spent there was most important and instructive days of my life yet.

My new piece “Agdistis” was performed there. I have to thank Amy Salsgiver and Sacha Rattle for their great contribution while rehearsals. I also appreciate the efforts and good performances of Zeynep Karaçal, İdil Küçükdoğan, Heather Taves, Meriç Esen, Semih Uçar and Rahşan Apay. Especially the violinists Zeynep and İdil did great job. In very short time my piece was ready to be performed by these great musicians. Although I was very weird at the rehearsals, all of them were gentle to me  and understanding my lack of experience combined with sleep deprivation.

Here is the recording of Agdistis:

Also you can watch it here:

An article about the concert also was on an official newspaper Today’s Zaman says: “Perhaps the most captivating composition was Uluğ Can Kazaz’s “Agdistis” (the Phrygian name for Kybele, or Cybele the earth goddess), which exhibited a powerfully mournful quality with a throbbing bass drum, and included novel sounds like the tapping of fingernails on instruments, blowing through the woodwinds’ fingerholes, and sliding harmonics on the violins, calling up an eerie portrait of an ancient civilization.”. You may find the full article here: http://www.todayszaman.com/news-253948-klasik-keyiflers-musical-evenings-in-kapadokya.html

I also attended Sumru Ağıryürüyen’s Balkan Songs workshop and Anıl Eraslan’s Free Improvisation workshop.