IEM Computermusic Ensemble Concert Graz and Vilnius

I will be participating a computer music concert in Vilnius.

concert starts at 
20:00 Graz local time
21:00 Vilnius local time

“extended fields” – ICE (IEM Computermusic Ensemble)

– Jamilla Ballint
– Clara Hollomey
– Wen Liu
– Peter Venus
– Marian Weger
– Matthias Kronlachner (remote from Vilnius)
– Uluğ Can Kazaz (remote from Vilnius)
– guest: Daniel Hojka

Director: Winfried Ritsch

The IEM (Institute of Electronic Music and Acoustics, Graz) Computermusic Ensemble (ICE) is a group of electronic musicians, playing with computermusic instruments, which are interactive, augmented hyper-instruments or simulations of real instruments.
The target is contemporary music adapted or written for computermusic ensembles, but also interpretation of historical ensemble music with virtual instruments. They play with a spatial audio system, especially Ambisonics or Wave-Field systems, where they are rendered within small or large concert halls and also open environments.

After the first public concert “fields” at Porgy&Bess Vienna in 2011 “extended fields” will be played where pieces like “Vacation Teleport”, “Sound Drifting”, “All Under One Net” are interpreted and new pieces for ICE and solo virtual instruments are played.

You can find more details on this website: