About Myrtus

 “Young and beautiful Smyrna fell in love with her father Kinyras, the king of Cyprus, priest of the Aphrodite of Paphos. Aphrodite gave this love to Smyrna as a punishment because Smyrna   didn’t praise Aphrodite properly. Young girl, covered her face not to be recognized by her father and introduced herself to him as a foreigner. One night she slept with her father. After Kinyras learned his daughter’s sin, he tried to kill her. Nevertheless, Gods had pity on Smyrna and turned her into a myrtle tree.” 

Halikarnas Balıkçısı, “Anadolu Efsaneleri”, Bilgi Yayınevi, 12th Press – 2008, p.74.  

Myrtus is a journey of searching for a living soul in a tree.  Journey starts from the roots of the tree and ends in the leaves of the tree.

   Composing Myrtus:

To compose Myrtus, I recorded some sounds from simple materials around (e.g. papers, nylons, water, dusty ground etc.). And then I created one main audio file as the body of the tree. From that one audio file, I made 14 different branches of various lengths and pitches using a Max/MSP patch. In Reaper, I sequenced them all aligned to the end of timeline which is 4 minutes.

The piece is quadrophonic. All of the branches rotate around. Tall branches rotate slower than short ones. Here is the stereo version:

Myrtus is just a sketch of a bigger project that I’m planning to do about a Myrtus Communis tree.