Güneş Kültü (the Sun Cult)

    Güneş Kültü means “the Sun Cult”. As you may know this is an ancient religious way of thinking, accepting sun as the mother, the symbol of creation, fertility and unity.  It differs from civilization to civilization but the essence of it remains the same. So I created a composition which refers to sunrise to show my appreciation to that cult.

The first part A is called “Karanlık”. Karanlık means darkness in Turkish. B part “Alacakaranlık” means twilight. The last part C called “Aydınlanma” which means enlightment. Those names can be perceived in physical way and also methaphorical way. Enlightment can be with sunlight also can be perceived as enlightment of the human mind. When it happens, it happens suddenly.

Conductor: Kamran İnce

Flute: Cem Önertürk, Clarinet: Dimitris Leontzakos, Percussions: Emil Kuyumcuyan, Kanun: Sanaz Nakhjavani , Violin: Kıvanç Tire , Viola: Nehir Akansu, Violoncello: Greg Hesselink,

The piece is performed in a classical music festival called Klasik Keyifler in Turkey-Cappadocia.