We Resist!

After dealing with tear gas and police violence around Taksim-İstanbul, I came back to my neigborhood and experienced this scene. People are hitting pans, making sound in everyway that they can to protest.… Continue reading

Pan & Syrinx

My new piece Pan & Syrinx is performed by flutist Cem Önertürk and cellist Gökhan Bağcı in İstanbul, Süreyya Opera House during the young composers’ festival called  Sesin Yolculuğu 6 (the Journey of… Continue reading


The project is called “the Islands against the Big City”. It includes recording sessions, electronic music composition and acoustical composition with the aspects of soundscape, sound analysis and resynthesis. The total result will… Continue reading

A Presentation for Disabled Youth in Palanga

On February 6th, 2013 together with the performance artist Marija Baranauskaite we made a presentation about music, dance and Turkish culture in Palanga, Lithuania. It was amazing to see that they were really… Continue reading

Performance Art Improvisation in Vilnius

After some months of our first impro jam with Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre’s performance artists, we met again and participated in a bigger organisation on 4th of February,2013. Together with Lithuanian… Continue reading

Bir Albüm (An album of my songs)

First, I have to thank everybody who supported me while i’m doing some songwriting stuff 🙂 Today I’m closing soundcloud downloads of my songs. Instead: I’m selling the tracks that i made in… Continue reading