Writing at OyunSitesi.com

I started writing about video games at the gaming website OyunSitesi.com . So I hardly find time to do some extra work. Currently I’m focused on U.L.a.Ş’s album so this blog can’t be… Continue reading

A rap album and a play’s soundtracks

Currently I’m working on a Turkish rapper U.L.a.Ş’s album and a play’s soundtracks which will be presented by Tiyatro Birileri…

Yolculuk (Journey) : Short Film by Özge Cağaloğlu

  It’s a short film written and directed by Özge Cağaloğlu. I composed it’s music. Here you can watch and listen from Vimeo.

Workshop with Korhan Erel

I attended to the workshop of Korhan Erel about software based instrument design for musical controllers and laptop. I used Pure Data, GlovePie, MidiYoke, Reason for my Windows XP O.S. I started to… Continue reading

Workshop with Kim Cascone

I attented to the workshop of Kim Cascone about emergent content creation using simple genetic algorithms between 4-7 May. We had a lot of fun with my friends from the music department. Also… Continue reading

Inner Fountain

Here is my new electroacoustic composition. Inner Fountain Score